Elon Musk Biografie  (Kopie meines Instagram Posts)

Elon Musk Biografie (Kopie meines Instagram Posts)

Definitely a must read! This guy’s dimension of thinking and acting upon ideas was as motivating as it can get! Packed with interesting stories of his private / business life, that never failed to impress me upon the terms of: bigger thinking, human potential and what one is capable of if the desire meets persistence. These kind of extraordinary achievement is only possible if the motivation behind your work is something you live for. In his case: „how can i make the world a better place“

What this guy set himself up to reach and then actually reached it and has still absurd ideas he is planning to execute in the future definitely motivated me in not being afraid of thinking x10 bigger than my biggest plans

If you are into entrepreneurship, tech and curious about the future, this book is a must read for you

BTW: After reading the book, i’ve configurated myself tesla model s … :S


Das will ich auch lesen!

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